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About Us

Sword Training is a labor of love. We built this content for our own children to learn in Sunday school. Our prayer is that it will be a blessing to many more children, families, and churches.

The Bartlett Family

Thaddeus and Rachel are the proud parents of four children. Thaddeus's full-time job is in the field of organizational development, and he has designed and developed training courses for many companies. For Sword Training, he is the primary designer of the content and material. Rachel is a homeschooler and has utilized classical education principles for their children. She provides much of the technical expertise on how to teach Sword Training effectively.

The Andrews Family

Nathan and Teda are also the proud parents of four children. They are also a homeschooling family. Teda is the artistic one of the bunch, and she does all of the drawings for the timeline art pages. In addition, she does all of hand motion videos for teachers. Nathan has worked on the overall structure of the timeline and memory content.

Who Is Evelyn Scott Holland?

You may notice that all of the Sword Training content is copyrighted using the name Evelyn Scott Holland. That is a pseudonym giving honor to special people who have influenced our own spiritual journeys.

  • Evelyn - For Thad's grandmother, Evelyn Middleton. Grandma developed a Sunday school curriculum that allowed students to work through the Bible at their own pace. Much of what Thad knows about the Bible can be traced to his Grandma. 

  • Scott - This is Nathan's middle name. Teda chose this part of our pseudonym to honor her husband for leading her to the Lord.

  • Holland - For Rachel's grandmother, Elizabeth Holland. She taught Rachel to love teaching. Rachel still has boxes of Sunday school material passed down from Grandmommy.

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