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Sword Training is a three-year curriculum designed for age four through fifth grade. Each year's content is organized around a 48-point timeline. The curriculum cycle repeats every three years, so a child will work through the entire Bible twice before finishing elementary school. The curriculum is designed so that a child can achieve mastery of the content.

  • Year One - Old Testament

  • Year Two - Life of Christ

  • Year Three - Early Church

This page has samples of the content for year one, so you can see how the content is organized.


a preview of
Year 1 and Year 2 Content

Timeline Cards

Each class will use one set of timeline cards. There is one card for each story in a year, with a total of 48 stories. There are also cards for the timeline divisions (e.g., Age of Beginnings, Age of the Patriarchs)

The Timeline Is Broken Into Sections
48 Story Cards Per Year
Back of Story Card
Different Styles
Remember, Kids' Brains Are Sponges
Your Children Will Amaze You
Remember, Kids' Brains Are Sponges
Different Styles
Back of Story Card
Memory Booklet

Provide each student’s parents with a memory booklet. Encourage parents to review each month’s content with their children.

Memory Booklet Cover
Month 1 Memory Work
The Entire Timeline
Books of the Old Testament
Memory Songs

One of the best ways to review each month’s memory content is through music. Each family should receive a CD with that year's memory work set to music.


The first sample is of the memory work for a single month. The second sample plays the beginning and end of our timeline song, which covers all of the 48 stories that are covered in a year.

Sample - OT Month 4 - Sword Training
00:00 / 00:00
Sample OT Timeline - Sword Training
00:00 / 00:00

Each month, we teach some of the major geographic points from the stories that we are covering. This helps children learn that these are true stories that happened in the real world.

Timeline Art Pages

For younger children, we provide an art page to correspond to each of the 48 stories in a year. We provide these digitally for you to reproduce. You can cut out the number of craft pieces you need each week.

12 Spies Timeline Page
Cain and Abel Timeline Page
Fiery Furnace Timeline Page
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