Where Do Babies Come From? You Want A Popsicle?

When a child asks, "Where do babies come from?" we tend to giggle nervously. When that question comes, a child usually isn't ready for the full "birds and bees" conversation. The easy answer is something like, "Babies come from their mommies' tummies." But that gets more challenging when you have a child who is more persistently inquisitive. "Yeah, but where does the Mommy GET the baby?" "HOW does God put it in there?" "What do you MEAN you have a baby when a Daddy loves a Mommy?" I usually end these conversations with something like, "I'll tell you more when you are older. Do you want a popsicle?"

I wonder if God feels the same when we want to understand everything about how he created the earth. "But how did you do something in a day, if you hadn't even created the sun yet?" "How do you even define a day without the sun?" "And how did plants grow before the sun was created?" And of course, "Exactly how do dinosaurs fit in with Genesis? Where did they go? Why and when?"

There are Christian scientists much smarter than I who study the issues of the age of the earth and biological evidence of intelligent design. I sometimes listen to them. I understand some of it. Some of it goes over my head. In the end, I can't help but wonder if God sees us all in much the same way I see a five year old. Perhaps he is watching us and saying, "I've given you the answer in as much detail as you need for now. I started with light; I finished with Adam and Eve; and of all the things I created, I like you the best."

Prayer: God, thank you for the story of creation. We praise you as the beginner of all things. Thank you for creating us in your image. Please help us take good care of the earth you have given us, the bodies you have created, and the spirit that lives within us. In Jesus Name, Amen

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