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When Creation Isn't Beautiful

My last post was about the beauty of creation, but there is a flip-side to that discussion. We see the innocence of a newborn destroyed by a child abuser. We see the beauty and passion of a young marriage ruined by cheating. We see people giving sacrificially to their neighbors while others scam and even enslave their fellow man. We are amazed at the wonderful intricacies of the human body, even down to the cellular level. Yet sometimes even those cells turn ugly. They turn cancerous. They attack themselves. For all its wonder, at times creation is ugly. What do we do about that?

Prostate cells - illustration

In Genesis 3, we see the creation story turn ugly quickly. God had only just finished creating the earth and all the things in it when the story went south. Eve was deceived, Adam followed, and the world fell. We often refer to it as the Fall of Man. But really, it was more than that. All creation fell like dominoes. Because along with the spiritual separation from God came a physical separation. Weeds began to grow; work became more difficult; death entered the picture.

But right from the beginning, there was a promise. Even as mankind was choosing to dirty up the creation, there was a prophecy. A foreshadowing that the offspring of woman would defeat the snake right at the head. As believers, we still experience the pain of this world, but when we suffer, we know that God planned to buy us back. He planned to redeem us. The price has been paid.

Prayer: Dear God, I am so sad when I see people hurting. Please never let me become numb to the reality of suffering, but also help me to recognize that you offer the cure. Thank you for the promise and reality of redemption that you planned from the beginning of time. Please help me keep everything in perspective. In Jesus Name, Amen

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