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How Two Really Smart Kids Got Sword Training Started

When my children started paying attention to Jeopardy, I knew we had a good thing. It all started with a decision to start homeschooling our two older kids halfway through their 1st and 2nd grade years of public school. After testing out several different homeschooling approaches, we finally put our two little guinea pigs in a program called Classical Conversations.

We were absolutely AMAZED how much our children (now 15 and 17) were able to learn in a short period of time through "CC." It wasn't long before their ears started perking up while I was watching my favorite TV star, Alex Trebek. They wouldn't always know the question to the answer, but every time there was a mention of Charlemagne, the Gupta Dynasty, or the Anasazi, my kids would say, "Oh, I know about that." Meanwhile, I was just hoping for a category called "Useless Facts About College Football That Don't Translate to Success in Real Life But Will Impress Your Friends."

As they have progressed through high school, we've seen first-hand how mastery of a broad knowledge base translates into success as older students. Several years ago, my wife and I started wondering if we could take a similar approach to Sunday school, and that is the basic story of how we got started.

We began with creating the first three month's worth of material and did a little test run at our church. After tweaking just a few things, we knew we had a method and structure that would effectively teach children in a Sunday school setting the story of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

Printing is all done for a third church to start with Sword Training in June!

Since then, we've been creating a few months of material at a time, staying just ahead of the class. We're over half-way through with the Life of Christ material now. In fact, I've got to get some printing done for class this coming Sunday morning. :-)

Right from the start, people were expressing interest in using Sword Training for their own churches or homes. So far, two additional churches have asked to start using it. One began a few weeks ago, and the other one will start in June. With a little bit of wind behind our sails, we're now ready to start making it available on a broader scale. As we look to grow our ministry, we have a few goals.

  • First, our ongoing goal is to equip churches, teachers, and parents to teach their children the Bible. As we grow, we will be looking for more ways to do this more effectively, especially as it relates to equipping parents.

  • Second, our short-term goal is to complete a curriculum that covers the broad narrative of scripture from Genesis to Revelation and gives younger children a framework to understand how all of the stories of the Bible fit together.

  • Third, our long-term goal is to develop a curriculum for junior-high and high-school students that builds on the basics of Sword Training but helps them really put the pieces together as they develop a faith that is their own.

As we grow, feedback is going to be so important for us. If you have any questions, thoughts, suggestions, or concerns as a user or potential customer of Sword Training, we really want to know. And of course, we invite you to look around our website and see what you think.

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