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The Single Best Parenting Experience

Last night, my wife and I were sitting in the living room talking after being apart for a couple of days. The fireplace was roaring, the TV was off, and it was a nice time to just sit and chat. Our two little guys were sound asleep, and our two teens had gone to get ready for bed. Yet we kept hearing talking from down the hall. I was about to go tell them to get to bed when my wife said, "Just let them talk for a few minutes."

We then sat there and talked about how strange it will be when our daughter, the eldest, goes off to college. She and her brother are just 18 months apart, and they are incredibly close. It was a rather sad thing to think about. We both wondered how he will respond to life without his sister. We've always been proud of our two "bigs" and how much they love one another.

Our "bigs" when they were little.

As we talked, the noise coming down the hall kept getting louder. Finally, my wife asked, "Are they on the phone? Because if they are, that's not OK." I went to check and found that the two of them were both in bed and were half-shouting bad knock-knock jokes back and forth. My first reaction was to bark, "You guys need to get to bed." My nearly-16-year-old son shot back, "We are in bed!"

I couldn't help but think, "He's got a point." I went back to the living room, letting them continue their corny joke-telling session. My wife and I sat there and listed to them. Yes, they needed to get to sleep, but how many more chances will they have to do this? And how many more chances will we have to just sit and listen to our children have a late-night gab session?

I suppose this is how God feels when he sees his children loving one another. Since we are made in the image of God, I suspect that he feels no greater joy than when he watches his children and sees them being kind and generous to one another, or even just enjoying one another's company. It must make his heart swell.


Dear Lord, Thank you for the beauty of simple parenting successes. Please help us to recognize them and celebrate them. Teach us to be kind to one another and make you, our father, proud. In Jesus' name, Amen

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