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Year 1 - Month 1 Content

Month 1 Stories


Genesis 1 - 2

  • What does the word Genesis mean?  (Beginning/origin)

  • How many days did it take God to create our world? (6 days)

  • Who was the first man on earth?  (Adam)

  • What was the first woman’s name? (Eve) 

  • What was the first command God gave Adam and Eve? (Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth.)

  • What did God do on day 7? (Rested)

  • From what did God make Adam? (Dust of the ground)

  • What do we know about the location of the garden of Eden?  (Four rivers, including the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, flowed out of it.) 

  • What two trees were in the middle of the garden of Eden? (Tree of Life, Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil)

  • What was the one tree from which Adam and Eve couldn’t eat? (Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil)

  • From what did God make Eve? (Adam’s rib)

Fall of Man

Genesis 3

  • How did Satan appear to Eve? (In the form of a snake) 

  • What did Satan promise Eve and Adam if they ate of the fruit? (Knowledge like God)

  • Who believed the snake first, Adam or Eve?  (Eve) 

  • Once Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, what did they realize? (That they were naked)

  • How did Adam and Eve first clothe themselves? (Coverings made from fig leaves)

  • When God asked Adam what he had done, what did Adam say? (The woman you gave to me gave me the fruit.)

  • What negative consequence did Eve face after eating the fruit? (Pain in childbirth)

  • What negative consequence did Adam face after eating the fruit? (Difficulty in growing food)

  • What now guards the Tree of Life from being found?  (A cherubim with a flaming sword)

Cain & Abel

Genesis 4:1-16

  • What were the names of Adam and Eve’s oldest sons? (Cain and Abel) 

  • What was Cain’s sacrifice?  (Fruit of the ground)

  • What was Abel’s Sacrifice?  (First born of his flock and their fat portions)

  • Between Cain and Abel, whose sacrifice did God prefer? (Abel’s)

  • Did God punish Cain for his sacrifice?  (No)

  • Why did Cain kill Abel? (He allowed greed and anger to take over his heart)

  • When God asked Cain where Abel was, how did Cain respond? (Am I my brother’s keeper?)

  • What punishment did Cain receive for the sin of killing Abel? (He wandered the earth.)

  • Where did Cain settle after he went away from the presence of the Lord? (The land of Nod, east of Eden)

  • What is the meaning of the Hebrew word from which we get the word “Nod”? (To wander)

  • How did God show mercy on Cain? (God put a mark on Cain so no one would kill him.)

The Flood

Genesis 6 - 9:19

  • Why did God decide to destroy nearly all life on the earth with a flood? (People had become wicked, corrupt, and violent.)

  • How did Noah know how to build the ark?  (God told him) 

  • What wood did Noah use for the ark? (Gopher wood)

  • How many doors and windows did the ark have? (One of each)

  • How long did it rain? (40 days and 40 nights)

  • How many animals went on board the ark?  (There was one pair of every unclean kind of animal. Of the clean animals, there were either seven or seven pairs. The Hebrew is not 100% clear on this issue.) 

  • What people went on the ark with Noah? (His wife, his 3 sons and their wives. Eight people in all were saved.)

  • What sign told Noah and his family to come out of the ark? (A dove brought him an olive leaf. The next dove didn’t come back.)

  • What did Noah do after coming out of the ark?  (He built an altar and offered burnt offerings of the clean animals and birds.)

  • What did God use as a symbol of His promise never to destroy the earth with water again?  (Rainbow)

Month 1 Memory Work

Sword Point

Genesis 1:1 

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

Spiritual Truth Sentence

Tell me about the Messiah:

Through prophets like Isaiah, God told His people of a coming Savior who would offer a way to bring all of mankind back to Him.  



  • Creation

  • Fall of Man

  • Cain & Abel

  • The Flood

Map It 

Tigris River

Euphrates River

Old Testament Books  

Books of Law:

  • Genesis

  • Exodus

  • Leviticus

  • Numbers

  • Deuteronomy

Year 1 Month 1 Hand Motions
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