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Year One - Month 10 Content

Month Ten Stories

Isaiah Prophesies About Jesus

Isaiah 53

  • In which of the two kingdoms did Isaiah prophesy? (Judah, the Southern Kingdom)

  • What did Isaiah say about the Messiah’s looks? (He had no beauty that made people want to follow him.)

  • Isaiah described the Messiah as a man of _____________. (Sorrows)

  • Isaiah says the Messiah was _______________ for our transgressions and _______________ for our iniquities. (Pierced, Crushed)

  • Isaiah says we have all gone astray like _______________. (Sheep)

  • How did Isaiah describe the Messiah’s actions while being led to the slaughter? (Like a sheep quiet before shearing)

Jonah Goes to Nineveh

Book of Jonah

  • Where did God ask Jonah to go? (Nineveh)

  • What city did Jonah try to run to instead of obeying God? (Tarshish)

  • How was Jonah traveling to Tarshish? (By boat)

  • How did the sailors on the boat Jonah was on decide who was responsible for the storm that came upon them? (They cast lots.)

  • What did Jonah tell the sailors to do to calm the sea? (Throw him overboard.)

  • What happened to Jonah after he was thrown overboard? (He was swallowed by a great fish.)

  • How long was Jonah in the belly of the fish? (Three days and three nights)

  • What did Jonah do while in the belly of the fish? (He prayed to God.)

  • What did the fish do with Jonah after three days? (It vomited him onto dry land.)

  • How long did Nineveh have to repent before God would overthrow it? (40 days)

  • Who led the people of Nineveh in fasting and praying to God? (The King of Nineveh)

  • How many people were there in Nineveh? (More than 120,000)

Assyrians Destroy Israel

2 Kings 17

  • Who was the last King of Israel, the Northern Kingdom? (Hoshea)

  • What did the King of Assyria do to King Hoshea and why? (Imprisoned him because he wouldn’t pay tribute)

  • For how long did Assyria besiege Israel? (Three years)

  • What was the sin of Israel that led to their fall? (Idolatry)

  • What sort of idols did Israel make? (Two metal calves)

  • What terrible thing did Israel do when making sacrifices to the false gods? (Sacrificed their own sons and daughters)

  • Because of their sin, Israel was torn from the house of ___________. (David)

  • What tribe was left after Israel was taken captive by Assyria? (Judah)

Josiah Restores Worship

2 Kings 22-23

  • How old was Josiah when he became King of Judah? (Eight)

  • Josiah walked in the ways of ______________. (David)

  • What was Josiah doing with the money that was collected at the temple? (He was paying workmen to repair the temple.)

  • What did Hilkiah the priest find when he went to the temple to get the money that was collected? (The Book of the Law)

  • How did Josiah react when the Book of the Law was read to him? (He tore his clothes. Then he read the book for the elders of Judah.)

  • What did Josiah do with the vessels used for Baal worship? (He burned them.)

  • What special day did Josiah instruct the people to observe? (Passover)

  • How did Josiah die? (In battle against Egypt)

  • What kinds of kings followed Josiah? (Kings who did evil in the sight of the Lord)

Month Ten Memory Work

Sword Point

Isaiah 53:5 

But he was pierced for our transgressions; he was crushed for our iniquities; upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his wounds we are healed.

Spiritual Truth Sentence

Tell me about the Messiah:

Through prophets like Isaiah, God told His people of a coming Savior who would offer a way to bring all of mankind back to Him.  

  • Isaiah Prophesies About Jesus

  • Jonah Goes to Nineveh

  • Assyrians Destroy Israel

  • Josiah Restores Worship

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Old Testament Books  

Minor Prophets:

  • Hosea

  • Joel

  • Amos

  • Obadiah

  • Jonah

  • Micah

  • Nahum

  • Habakkuk

  • Zephaniah

  • Haggai

  • Zechariah

  • Malachi

Year 1 Month 10
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