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Year One - Month 12 Content

Month 12 Stories

Ezekiel & the Valley of Dry Bones

Ezekiel 37:1-14

  • Where did Ezekiel live? (In the land of the Chaldeans)

  • The hand of the Lord was upon Ezekiel, and it set him down in the middle of ______________.  (The valley)

  • What was covering the surface of the valley where God brought Ezekiel? (Dry bones)

  • How did God bring the dry bones back to life? (He had Ezekiel tell the bones to come back together and be reformed.)

  • From where did God tell Ezekiel to call breathe that was to bring the bones back to life? (From the four winds)

  • What do the dry bones in Ezekiel’s vision represent? (The whole house of Israel)

Temple Rebuilt

Ezra 1-6

  • Which king first commanded that the temple be rebuilt? (Cyrus king of Persia)

  • How many exiles returned to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple? (42,360)

  • Who led the exiles in the first return to Jerusalem? (Zerubbabel)

  • When the exiles returned, what did they do first? (Built an altar and kept the Feast of Booths)

  • When rebuilding the temple, what had to be built first? (The foundation)

  • How did the people respond when seeing the foundation of the temple? (Some rejoiced, but the old men who had seen Solomon’s temple wept.)

  • As the exiles were rebuilding the temple, how did their enemies stop them? (They sent a letter to Artaxerxes, the new king, telling him that the people of Jerusalem wouldn’t pay taxes.)

  • After Artaxerxes commanded that the people stop rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem, when did they start building again? (In the second year of king Darius)

  • Why did Darius decide to allow the people to continue rebuilding the temple? (He found the original decree from Cyrus that had given them permission to build it.)

  • After the temple was rebuilt, what feast did the returned exiles keep? (Passover)

Queen Esther

Book of Esther

  • What was the name of King Ahasuerus’s first queen? (Vashti)

  • Why did Vashti lose her position as queen? (She disobeyed the king. She wouldn’t come and present herself at his party.)

  • How did Esther become queen? (She was selected from beautiful young women from all over the kingdom.)

  • What was the name of Esther’s uncle? (Mordecai)

  • Why didn’t Esther tell anyone that she was a Jew? (Her uncle Mordecai told her not to.)

  • How did Mordecai help King Ahasuerus? (He learned of a plot to assassinate the king, and he passed the word through Esther to the king.)

  • Why did Haman dislike Mordecai? (Mordecai wouldn’t bow before Haman.)

  • How did Haman try to get even with Mordecai? (He got the king to pass a law that all Jews should be killed.)

  • What would the king do to accept someone who came before him without being called? (Extend his scepter) 

  • How were the Jews saved? (Esther asked the king to spare her people.)

  • How did Haman die? (He was hung on the gallows that he had built for Mordecai.)

Ezra Restores the Law & Nehemiah Rebuilds the Walls

Ezra 7 - Nehemiah 8

  • What was Ezra’s job? (He was a scribe skilled in the Law of Moses.)

  • The king sent Ezra to Jerusalem with gold and silver. What was the gold and silver to be used for? (To beautify the temple)

  • Why didn’t Ezra ask the king for soldiers to travel with them to Jerusalem? (Ezra had told the king that God would keep them safe.)

  • When Ezra came to Jerusalem, what sin did he find among the people? (They were marrying women who practiced idolatry and who would not turn to God.)

  • Under the leadership of Ezra, what did the people do to restore themselves to God? (They repented, and they put away the idolatrous foreign wives.)

  • What news did Nehemiah hear from the exiles who had returned to Jerusalem? (The walls and gates of the city remained broken and destroyed.)

  • What was Nehemiah’s job before he returned to Judah? (Cupbearer for the king)

  • When Nehemiah started rebuilding the walls, what did the enemies of the Jews do? (They planned to attack the workers to stop the work.)

  • How did Nehemiah respond to those who wanted to attack those working on the wall? (He had the workers keep a sword with them at all times in case they needed to fight.)

  • How long did it take the people to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem? (52 days)

  • After the wall was complete, what did Ezra do? (He read the Law to all the people.)

Month 12 Memory Work

Sword Point

Nehemiah 1:10

They are your servants and your people, whom you have redeemed by your great power and by your strong hand.

Spiritual Truth Sentence

Tell me about the remnant:

Throughout time, when it seems most have left Him, there is always a remnant of people who are faithful to God.

  • Ezekiel & the Valley of Dry Bones


  • Temple Rebuilt

  • Queen Esther

  • Ezra Restores the Law & Nehemiah Rebuilds the Walls

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