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Year 1 - Month 6 Content

Month 6 Stories

Joshua & the Battle of Jericho

Joshua 6

  • How many days did the Israelites march one time around the city of Jericho?  (6 days)

  • How many times did the Israelites march around the city of Jericho on the 7th day? (7 times)

  • What came just after the 7 priests and in front of the rear guard each time the Israelites circled Jericho?  (The ark of the Lord)

  • What did the priest do when they marched around the city of Jericho? (Blew trumpets of rams horns)

  • On the 7th day of marching around Jericho, what were the people to do? (Shout)

  • What happened to the mighty wall of the city of Jericho when the people shouted and the horns sounded? (The walls fell down)

  • Who was saved in the city and why? (Rahab and her family were saved, because she helped hide the spies when they were spying on the city.)


Judges 6-8

  • In what type of homes were the Israelites living in to hide away from the Midianties?  (Caves)

  • Who came to visit Gideon and sat under an oak tree? (Angel of the Lord)

  • What did the angel do to the food that Gideon brought him? (He touched his staff to the rock it was on, and it burned.)

  • What false God did Gideon’s family worship? (Baal)

  • What did Gideon do to his father’s altar to Baal? (Replaced it with an altar to the Lord.)

  • What item did the angel make wet as a sign to Gideon that God would be with Israel? (Wool fleece)

  • How many men came to fight with Gideon at first? (32,000)

  • How did Gideon first make his army smaller? (Told those who were scared to go home)

  • How did Gideon make his army smaller a second time? (Chose only those who cupped water in their hands to drink.)

  • How many were in Gideon’s final army? (300)

  • What three items did they use to confuse and frighten the Midianites? (Trumpet, pitcher, torch)


Judges 13-16

  • What was Samson’s Father’s name?  (Manoah)

  • How did Manoah find out his wife would have a child? (The angel of the Lord came to his wife and told her.)

  • The angel of the Lord told Samson’s parents he would be a Nazarite.

  • What couldn’t he eat? (Any unclean food)

  • What couldn’t he drink? (Any grape juice or wine)

  • What couldn’t be done to his hair? (Couldn’t be cut)

  • Whom did God send Samson to protect the Israelites from?  (The Philistines)

  • Why were the Israelites ruled by the Philistine for 40 years?  (The Israelites had once again done evil in the the sight of God.)

  • What did Samson do in the vineyard of Timnah?  (Killed a lion with his bare hands)

  • After Samson’s Philistine wife was given to another man, what did Samson do? (Tied 300 foxes together by the tail, tied torches to them, and sent them running through the Philistine’s fields)

  • The Philistines took Samson captive. He broke loose and killed 1,000 of them. What did he use as a weapon? (Jawbone of a donkey)

  • What was the name of the Philistine woman Samson loved? (Delilah)

  • How did Delilah take away Samson’s strength? (Had a man cut Samson’s hair while Samson was sleeping)

  • What did the Philistines do to Samson when they put him in prison? (Gouged out his eyes)

  • How did Samson die? (He pushed down the columns of a large house, collapsing the roof.)

  • How many Philistines died with Samson? (3,000, including all the lords of the Philistines)

Ruth & Naomi

Book of Ruth

  • When Naomi left Judah, where did she, her husband, and their two sons go? (Moab)

  • What were the names of Naomi’s two daughters-in-law? (Orpah and Ruth)

  • Why did Naomi decide to move back to Judah? (Her husband and sons died.)

  • Who went back to Judah with Naomi? (Her daughter-in-law, Ruth)

  • What city did Ruth and Naomi go to live in? (Bethlehem)

  • Where did Ruth find food? (In the fields of Boaz)

  • What was Naomi selling? (Land that belonged to her husband’s family)

  • Who bought Naomi’s land? (Boaz)

  • When Boaz bought the land, what did he also get? (He got Ruth as his wife.)

  • Who was the grandson of Boaz and Ruth? (King David)

Month 6 Memory Work

Sword Point

Joshua 24:15 

…choose this day whom you will serve… as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

Spiritual Truth

Tell me about the Promised Land: 

Part of God’s promise to Abraham was fulfilled when the Israelites entered the promised land of Canaan.

  • Joshua and the Battle of Jericho


  • Gideon

  • Samson

  • Ruth and Naomi

Map It 
  • Jericho

  • Gaza

  • Canaan

Old Testament Books  

Books of Law:

  • Genesis

  • Exodus

  • Leviticus

  • Numbers

  • Deuteronomy

Year 1 Month 6 Hand Motions
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