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Year 1 - Month 8 Content

Month 8 Stories

David Slays Goliath

1 Samuel 17

  • Where were Saul and the Israelite army camped when the Philistines came out to meet them? (Valley of Elah)

  • Who was the champion of the Philistines? (Goliath of Gath)

  • How many of David’s older brothers had gone to fight with Saul’s army? (Three)

  • Why did David go to the battle line? (To take food to his brothers and a gift of 10 cheeses to their commander)

  • What were three things promised to the man who would defeat Goliath? (Great riches, marry the king’s daughter, his house would be free in Israel)

  • What animals had David fought to keep his sheep safe? (Lion and bear)

  • How many stones did David choose from the brook? (Five)

  • When Goliath started toward David, what did David do? (He ran quickly to meet him in battle.)

  • How many stones did it take for David to knock down Goliath? (One)

  • What weapon did David use to kill Goliath? (Goliath’s own sword)

Wise Solomon

1 Kings 1-4

1 Chronicles 29 - 2 Chronicles 1

  • Who set himself up as King of Israel while David was still living? (David’s son Adonijah)

  • How did David respond when his son Adonijah set himself up as king? (He had Zadok the priest anoint Solomon as king.)

  • How long was David King of Israel? (40 Years)

  • Who was the third King of Israel? (Solomon)

  • Who were King Solomon’s parents? (David and Bathsheba)

  • The day before God appeared to Solomon, what was Solomon doing? (Worshiping at Gibeon)

  • What did Solomon ask of God? (Wisdom and knowledge)

  • Why did Solomon ask for wisdom and knowledge? (To govern the people)

  • What did God give Solomon in addition to wisdom and knowledge? (Wealth, possessions, and honor)

  • How many proverbs did Solomon speak? (3,000)

  • How many songs did Solomon compose? (1,005)

Temple Built

1 Kings 5 - 8

 2 Chronicles 2 - 7

  • What two things did Solomon build in Jerusalem? (Temple to God and a royal palace)

  • What king supplied the wood for Solomon’s building projects? (Hiram the king of  Tyre)

  • What did Solomon give King Hiram in exchange for the wood for the temple? (Food)

  • Where did the cedar for the temple come from? (Lebanon)

  • How was the wood for the temple moved from Lebanon to Israel? (They put it in the sea and floated it there.)

  • How many officers were charged by Solomon with building the temple and the palace? (3,000)

  • How long did it take Solomon to build the temple? (7 years)

  • How long did it take Solomon to build the palace? (13 years)

Israel & Judah Divided

1 Kings 11 - 12

  • What young man did Solomon place in charge of his forced laborers? (Jeroboam)

  • What message did Jeroboam receive from the prophet Ahijah? (That he would be made king over 10 of the tribes of Israel)

  • Why didn’t God take all of the kingdom from Solomon’s house? (Because David had been faithful)

  • Which son of Solomon became king after Solomon died? (Rehoboam)

  • What did the people ask of King Rehoboam? (To make their hard service lighter)

  • What did the older counselors recommend Rehoboam do when the people asked for a lighter load? (Speak good words to them.)

  • What did Rehoboam’s young friends recommend he do when the people asked for a lighter load? (Say, “My father drove you with whips, I will drive you with scorpions.”)

  • What did the Israelites do to the taskmaster after Rehoboam increased their workload? (They stoned him to death.)

  • Who took over as king when Rehoboam fled Jerusalem? (Jeroboam)

  • From which two tribes did Rehoboam raise an army to fight against Jeroboam and the other ten tribes? (Judah and Benjamin)

  • Why didn’t Rehoboam go to war against Jeroboam and Israel? (The Lord told him not to.)

  • What did Jeroboam do to keep his people from returning to follow Rehoboam? (He built two golden calves to worship, so they would not return to the temple in Jerusalem to worship God.)

Month 8 Memory Work

Sword Point

Proverbs 3:5,6 

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.

Spiritual Truth

Tell me about the Temple: Solomon, the 3rd King of Israel, built the first temple in Jerusalem as a permanent house of worship.

  • David Slays Goliath

  • Wise Solomon

  • Temple Built


  • Israel and Judah Divided

Map It 
  • Israel (Northern Kingdom)

  • Judah (Southern Kingdom)

Old Testament Books  

Books of History:

  • Job

  • Psalms

  • Proverbs

  • Ecclesiastes

  • Song of Solomon

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